WATCH: Behind-the-Scenes Artist Presentation

Behind the scenes of my art.

Last March I was invited to be a guest speaker for the Zoom April General Meeting of the White Rock South Surrey Alumnae. I gladly accepted, another first for me to explore and expand my online experience plus a wonderful opportunity to talk about one of my very favorite subjects – art. My paintings. 😉 And with a wonderful group of women who are adopting a new way of staying connected with their membership.

With the help of some dear friends, this presentation was a delight to create and to present. Enjoy.

Of course, hind sight is twenty/twenty, there are a couple of areas I could have expanded on. One comes to mind. When I taught the Freedom of Expression class to the non English speaking group, the adults did extremely well. Claiming no creativity, they were hesitant and fearful initially though eventually relaxed. They left the session happy with new realizations and confidence in themselves. Art, another language, breaks boundaries.

Feel free to contact me. Happy viewing, warm wishes,


p.s. What does the quote below mean to you?

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