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For most of my life I considered myself creative. It was only after I began to devote all of my energy and time to painting before I fully appreciated what it truly means to be an artist.

In the beginning, I didn’t realize that fine art is, for the most part, savoured and processed by our unconscious minds.

I also thought that anyone who painted, danced, or created music was an artist.

Artists all too often still hang on to old romantic myths because it’s easy.

Every “successful” artist I’ve ever met is incredibly bright and often possesses a high level of empathy. In my early years it sometimes made me wonder if I had the raw capacity, I sometimes doubted myself. It kept me humble, and a bit nervous.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about new ways to experience contemporary fine art … and wondering if progressive art lovers are curious about bringing art that previously might have been unattainable, into their personal galleries to hang on their walls, or display in HD on a large screen monitor.

Creating art that connects and has impact means you have to take risks. Hundreds of thousands of people every day around the world paint or photograph flowers and landscapes, yet only a very few connect with viewers. The images often end up in dark closets, never making it to the artists’ walls, let alone an art lover’s space. I used to sometimes wake with a shudder thinking it could be me with a closet full of unrequited dreams.

Analog paintings are going digital and creating astounding and unique fine art experiences.

Welcome to my new art project, Aberration – Limited Edition 1, interwoven in the digital framework and technology of Scarcity Obscura , reflects the universal definition of NFT Fine Art.  

Scarcity Obscura can also be defined as “another dimension”.

In traditional terms, scarcity is based on creating an art piece that is unique on every level–from the soulful and spiritual vision within the art, to the technical style and how it is produced, promoted, and displayed. It thrives in our unconscious and in a meditative place obscured from the noise of our lives.

Interestingly, disparate elements, like technology in the form of image digitization and crypto currency on IPFS distributed networks, make creative scarcity possible on a new plane.

It works because this new phenomenon that’s already impacting the art world exists ONLY in a virtual sense in our digital mind’s eye.

Progressive artists today create digital works that are sold exclusively using cryptocurrencies like Ethereum or Bitcoin. Artists, buyers, and collectors around the world are beginning to experiment with decentralized universal art exchanges because it provides flexibility and a new viewing experience.

Because I’m a two dimensional abstract painter, it means my original work on canvasses isn’t digital, which means I have to develop and refine an analog-to-digital concept and process.

I painted the first Scarcity Obscura – Aberration. This triptych is abstract expressionism, in acrylics on canvas. I then had each panel scanned using a high resolution flatbed process that converts it into a digital art file. Next I configured the digital files so they can be printed into limited edition high quality reproductions or viewed on a large screen Hi-Def monitor, or low res on a laptop or phone.

Then, I’ll paint a second work of art over the first canvasses, virtually obscuring the physical incarnation, keeping the energy of the piece intact. I’ll repeat this layering twice and offer to a collector or collectors, the triptych with each additional abstract painted one on top of the other, obscuring either partially or entirely, the image below. In a sense this process is an aberration.

So in fact Aberration is, in effect, a transitory canvas.

Each canvas in the Limited Edition will be digitally scanned as soon as it is complete. This differentiating factor is made possible by creating an innovative analog/digital platform developed exclusively for progressive contemporary collectors.

The digital files will be of a high enough resolution to print using a fine art process like giclee.

Art files can be tracked using protocols that indelibly stamp the artwork as a non-fungible immutable token, which literally means “unique and not able to change or replace.”

If traditional or contemporary art interwoven with technology sounds appealing, Aberration could be a perfect and distinctive choice for your collection.

International Abstract Painter  

Doriz Anderson

2 thoughts on “NFT FINE ART

  1. Good on ya, Doriz. I admire your curiosity, creativity and experimentation! Good luck in this new direction. PS. Great photo of you!

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