Doris Anderson

Canadian Abstract Painter 

            Doris Anderson is a Canadian Abstract Painter who has created over ninety original acrylic paintings on canvas and four hundred works on paper since 2012.  Whatever Doris had done throughout her life, she has given it her total commitment.  Traveling the world as a flight attendant, she experienced new cultures.  She balanced her work with her family life while sharing with her family the same gentle, kindness that she experienced from her own parents as a child.  Now she has the time to paint the colours that danced in her heart and mind when she was a child.  She says, “Everywhere I look –it is art. Everything is art!”  Doris Anderson’s paintings are a genuine outpouring of the sum of her total life experience and her spiritual insights.

Her early talent for drawing and singing was recognized and nurtured by her parents, Johannes and Magdalena Ziegenfuss.  In grade two, her drawing was chosen as “Best in the Class”. At age seventeen, her father introduced her to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.  This fostered her spiritual belief that everything in life is connected by energy.  Both of her parents were interested in classical music, art and culture and these activities contributed to her sensitive and artistic nature. The supportive encouragement of Doris’ creativity is now continued by her husband, Allan and their children Thomas and Yvonne.  Allan has helped to create a professional studio space where she regularly paints at her home in South Surrey, B.C., Canada.

Doris Anderson’s “joie de vivre” is evident in each new art work.  She works quickly and intuitively choosing harmonious colours and contrasting tones.  She makes various marks on the canvas including drawing back into the paint to reveal the undercoat. Each painting contains progressive layers which may impact the viewer with a sense of the splendor of musical rhythms or of a natural energetic vitality.  This combination of accomplished artistic technique and mastery of dynamic content is the essence of Doris Anderson’s authentic art language.  Her confident paintings are truly an emissary for dynamic visual journeys.

She is a current Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, (Fraser Valley Chapter), Vancouver, B.C. and also a member of the South Surrey and White Rock Art Society and the Semiahmoo Arts Society.


Biography by Laara WilliamSen,

International professional painter and author

South Surrey, B.C., Canada

June 1st, 2016.








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