New York called back!

This time, Doris and Yvonne shared precious mother and daughter time while visiting well known sites, exploring parks and spending hours at the outstanding MET and MOMA Museums.

A steaming Americano in hand, strolling down Broadway on Saturday morning. The stalls were such a temptation yet they knew the day ahead was full.
Manhattan in the skyline, with Central Park ahead.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, so impressive at a quiet part of the day.

Celebrating Pride. These youngsters found a way to cool off.
Ones needs hours to explore this book store.
Words cannot describe or express how this painting makes you feel. Yes, Starry Night, by Vincent van Gogh.
..or this one by Monet.
Let’s wrap up with this tiny segment of the MOMA with af Klint.
Ok, last is Picasso. The colours were amazing.
Italian of course – delicious! Yvonne’s favorite.
View from the 32nd floor room of the Time Square Hotel. New York is on the list to visit again! It was truly wonderful, the art collections are so inspiring.

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