BLOWN AWAY… what else is possible?

…..better screen shots perhaps?

I HAVE A PAINTING IN ITALY! It’s with the International Mega Art Gallery and to be included in this incredible exhibition! Am I excited? Absolutely. Over the moon in fact..

I left all the paragraphs for your benefit.

Isn’t this amazing. I feel so honored and humbled, to have a painting work in the vicinity of these masterpieces. We know Michelangelo …

What a gallery this is to visit. At the very same time last year, I was in Chelsea, New York, U.S.A. Now – Roma! Viterbo actually, just outside Rome.

It was Laara WilliamSen, my mentor, who presented me to the Mega Art Gallery. She has a painting in the Colle del Duomo Museum as well, along with artist Sandra Tomchuck. We are all from the lower mainland of British Columbia.

THE MAGIC OF SOLSTICE Original Acrylic 6 x 6 inches by Doris Anderson (c) 2019 Copyrighted All Rights Reserved.

I am, so grateful. Thank you.

With love and light.

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