a most memorable experience !

To be in New York City, with four of my paintings displayed at the “CHELSEA METAVERSE MASTERS” Exhibit, Chelsea, New York is amazing. My art will be on display there from February 12th, 2022 until May!

The gallery’s “La Vie en Rose-Valentine’s” Soiree was glamorous.

“As part of Amsterdam Whitney Gallery’s continued commitment to introduce our fine artists to influential Collectors, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery’s VALENTINE’S Soiree resonated with a vibrant exchange of ideas about the international art world, as our noteworthy artists enjoyed discussing their art with distinguished Collectors. The Champagne Reception was magnificently well attended by influential luminaries in the art world as well as prominent VIPs in the business and social world including prominent judges, lawyers, doctors and Wall Street moguls. It was our pleasure to introduce you and your splendid art to all these fabulous people!” Ruthie Tucker, Executive Director-Curator.

In front of my Metaverse Masters display
Me and Ruthie Tucker

Besides the opportunity to meet Amsterdam Whitney Gallery’s celebrated, predominant guests, we were thrilled to reunite with now New York resident, life-long family friend Tim Slade, tim@vastproductions.com.au and Konstantinepinteris!

Kon, Tim and I
Tim Slade and my husband, Allan

What else is possible! I am on a cloud… in fact, there weren’t any clouds while we explored some of the landmark sights till we left the city the next day.

I am looking forward to returning to this wonderful city, I could LOVE New York! I came away with wonderful impressions making me very keen to visit the world renown museums, galleries, all cultural and artistic venues plus: I hear the shopping is good too. 😉

4 thoughts on “a most memorable experience !

  1. Hi Doris, congratulations on your success. Your hard work, both painting and marketing, has paid off! You’ve come a long way since our art class in senior high😊! It’s great to see.

    1. Thank you Betty! Life is very interesting isn’t it? I feel one never looses the heart of what we love to do or be,
      no matter how long it takes. We need to heed the many prompts. 😉

  2. Way to go Doriz! Congratulations once again upon being accepted into the show. What great trips you’ve had this winter. Lucky girl!

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