My Art’s on T.V.!

One of my paintings is hanging “On Set” where two of my favorite actors, Ray Romano and Chris O’Dowd hang out all day shooting Get Shorty, the TV show.

It’s fun to know they’ll be enjoying a painting that took me a lifetime to develop – decades of living, loving, exploring and soul searching before it rolled onto my canvas.

It’s called “Saturday Afternoon at the Opera”, and while I won’t be making an appearance in the Netflix series I’ll be there in heart and spirit.

I painted “Afternoon at the Opera” while listening to the CBC Radio show of the same name. It’s one of my favorite programs, closely followed by Randy Bachman’s Vinyl Tap of which I often listen to while painting. That particular afternoon Mozart was my inspiration.

I wonder what Ray and Chris will think as they gaze into my abstraction of regal aubergine and gold.

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