IMAGINE – A Solo Exhibition of Original Acrylics at the University Women’s Club of Vancouver, Hycroft Manor

What can I say, the June show in the Hycroft Gallery is over and done. The months of planning, organizing and advertising peaked with the excitement of the opening reception. Now, a few months later, they are a collection of special photographs, potential sales with new contacts and a step forward to developing and adding to my art presence.

The team at Hycroft was most helpful. Hanging art is an art in itself as I found out. Fortunately, I had the expert help of two very experienced ladies, fellow South Surrey artist, Louise Harding and Susanna Peters, the Visual Arts Committee Chair. The paintings were to be hung in the most effective and complimentary fashion. I felt very proud with the result. The abstract art gave the mansion a boost, a lift into these contemporary times and added an edge to the sophisticated and elegant surroundings of this gracious 1911 building.


In my view, it was an eclectic, gorgeous combination. Elizabeth Snow, Visual Art Convener with her assistant hosted the opening night reception. According to them, the event was successful and very well attended. I felt happy meeting and greeting guests, conversing with them while answering any questions they had. Particularly heartwarming was the support of my family who were at my side and many good friends, a number of whom had driven long distances to the city for the opening. It meant a great deal to me to have them present on this occasion. I am grateful for their efforts and trust they enjoyed the evening as much as I did. The glow is still with me. The exhibition ran until July 2nd.


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