Interview with Alex Browne

Alex Browne, Art & Culture reporter at Peace Arch News, dropped in to see what our art trio – myself, Don Sharpe, and lead Musketeer Laara WilliamSen, were hanging on the walls this week at the Good Day Sunshine Café in a new exhibit called “The Three Musketeers.”

It’s always interesting to be interviewed by Alex. He leads the conversation with thoughtful questions, pushing and pulling until one’s passionate voice is coaxed forth.  Alex’s interviews are always complex and smooth, and as melodic as when he is leading and playing trumpet with his 20’s swing band, Alexander Browne and The Aristocrats.


Alex and I took a moment after our interview to pose for a photo. Alex is always fun, and a delight to see at our exhibits. We never expected our impromptu photographer, Don Sharpe, the ninety-one year old self-taught artist to be such a “sharp” shooter using an iPhone. Thanks Don!

Alex is quite humble, considering his accomplishments and contribution to the art scene on the west coast in southern BC.


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